About Us

We are providers

of homecare for a wide range of clients, ensuring that they can remain at home in an environment that is comfortable and familiar while receiving the highest standards of care.

Our clients maintain as much independence as possible and their self-respect which is vital for quality of life and well-being.

We support a range of people with their care & social needs and due to demographic pressures this sector remains crucial , but the benefits of being supported at home are increasingly being recognised for all sorts of client groups. We also care for and support people with learning difficulties and disabilities, and people with a variety of health conditions.

Our brand is enshrined in our values of delivering the best possible care and service to all our clients and their families at all times. 1 homecare has become synonymous with excellence and we have many years of proven experience in the care sector behind us.

We provide our services with professionalism combined with an appropriate level of warmth and kindness. We are regarded as a client friendly organisation and we always try to be fair and honest with all those we interact with, whether it is clients, their family and friends, other health care professionals and all those we do business with.

Each and every 1 Homecare team member is valued by the company and our training and management support ensures they are well equipped to provide high levels of care to our clients. It is indeed our Support Assistants who have become the face of success and we are incredibly proud of the commitment they demonstrate.

We continue to strive for excellence, and we are never complacent.